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code whiz

Hi, I'm CodeWhiz, your friendly neighborhood tech wizard.

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    Mastering Spring WebClient - From Basics to Advanced Techniques

    Understand what Spring WebClient is, how to set it up in a Spring Boot application, perform GET and POST requests, handle error handling, retry and backoff on specific exceptions.

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    React Portals - how to use them to create dialogs in react

    Learn about React Portals and how to use them to create dialogs in React. This blog post explains the concept of React Portals, its API, and provides a detailed code example using React functional components to create modal dialogs. Explore the usage of React Portals to enhance your React applications.

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    How to use built-in react hooks with examples

    Learn how to use built-in React hooks like useState, useReducer, useContext, useRef, useEffect, useMemo, and useCallback with examples. Understand their usage in various scenarios, and master the art of leveraging React hooks for efficient state management and side effects handling in your applications.

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    Deep Dive into React Hooks

    In this blog post, we take a deep dive into React Hooks, exploring the concept and structure of the Hooks API. We examine all the inbuilt hooks in React and learn how to write custom hooks. Follow along as we provide various scenarios with code examples.

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    Accessing Child Component Refs in React-A Step-by-Step Guide using forwardRef

    Learn how to access child component refs in React using forwardRef. This step-by-step guide covers the basics of working with refs.

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    Understanding and using react context api

    Learn how to use the React Context API to manage global state in your applications. Understand what the Context API is, the problems it solves, and how to implement it with code examples.

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    New features in Java 17

    Discover the exciting new features in Java 17! This blog post explores the latest enhancements in Java 17, including pattern matching, sealed classes, and more. Dive into various scenarios with code examples to understand how these new features can improve your Java programming experience.